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Android Apps

Last updated: 2013-03-04

A list? Oh come on...

Surely, lists like 'the ten best...' are annoying, so I'll spare you the numbers and keep the praises short.


Airdroid - free

Wirelessly transfer files like videos and music from your computer to your phone.

DB Navigator - free

DB Tickets - free

If you're frequently travelling through germany by train, you'll find these two useful.

Epicurious - free

Pretty nice recipe browsing app.

Eye In Sky - free

Truly beautiful weather app.

Google Goggles - free

Scan stuff (barcodes, books, groceries, landmarks), get information about it. Can even solve sudokus for you.

IMDb - free

Always wondering in which movies that actor you were just talking about was in? Here's the solution.

Kindle - free

Hands down the best combination of book store and reading app. Available for almost any platform.

Öffi - ÖPNV Auskunft - free

The most sophisticated public transport app out there.

On Air - free

Handy TV guide. Less paper waste, more information.

Parcels - free

Parcel tracking for your Android device.

Google Reader - free

Press - 1,50€

If you're using Google Reader for subscribing to news, you definetly need one of those.

Pocket Casts - 2,49€

Like podcasts? You'll need something like this app, trust me.

Robin - 3,49€

You're on app.net? You need this one. (Btw. I'm @benzimmer there)

Skype - free

A real battery drainer, but useful at times.

Spotify - free

All (ok, most of) the music you can think of at your fingertips, on demand. (Needs subscription with Spotify - 9,99€/month)


Watch inspiring, stunning talks from TED conferences all over the world.

Trello - free

Only useful if you use the (also free) task-/project management service Trello, which you should. No, really!

TuneIn Radio - free

TuneIn Radio Pro - 0,70€

Listen to almost any radio station on the go. (Pro version allows recording)

Echofon Pro - 2,99€

My favorite Twitter client (for the moment).

VX ConnectBot - free

SSH client. For the real pros ;)

WhatsApp Messenger - free

To be honest, I hate this app because it's unsecure, but I'm still using it regularly (damn peer pressure...).

Xabber - free

Imho the best XMPP/Jabber instant messaging client on Android.


Cut the rope - 0,68€

Super cute!

Amazing Alex - free (Premium version available)

"Incredible machine" style puzzle game.

Angry Birds - free (Premium version available)

The classic.

Eufloria - 3,99€

Strategy game with nice background music and unique gameplay.

Osmos - 2,29€

If you ask me, an absolute must-have.